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The Beauty of Stained Glass Created for Your Home, Office or Place of Worship

WELCOME to the studio site for stained glass artist David Anderson! This site will give you an introduction to Dave's unique approach in his artwork. Whether creating a new piece from your photo or adapting a pattern to suit your needs, Dave can work with you to create something unique and truely yours.

Dave also works with different techniques such as etching, deep carving with a sand blaster, enameling, and fusing. He also likes to mix techniques for your one of a kind stained glass artwork.

CLASSES - Although Dave works mainly with lead camed pieces. he teaches his beginner classes to work with foil and solder. An advanced class is also available for to learn how to work with lead came. Visit the link on the side bar for more details

RESTORATION - Dave likes to restore old pieces. Whether it is just a matter of cleaning and restoring the glass to its original beauty or replacing cracked or missing panes. Dave takes great care to match the original glass if possible (For some antique glass, it is impossible to match the original glass.) Dave can work with older lead camed or even wood framed pieces. Dave can also take the glass out of a severely damaged piece to make new creation for you.

Next time you plan a day trip to the country, stop in and see Dave. He welcomes drop-ins and enjoys having small groups tour his studio. Call if your group would enjoy a tour!

Dave is open Tuesday through Saturday - morning to evening but he is also always there unless he's gone, so he can open also on Sundays and Mondays

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